Set Free The Dynamic Latent Of The Body Mind Energy Circuit


The humans have as many as 100,000 nerves in their hand. Every fingertip has more than three thousand nerve receptors. Moreover, every part of the human hand is linked with various parts of the brain. When pressure is applied regarding Hasta Mudra, these pressure points get activated.

This leads to be many changes in the patterns of the brain, and the unbridles the hidden potential of the body-mind-energy circuit. Our physical body is made up of five elements from the universe. They are namely Fire, Air, Sky, Earth, and water. Hasta mudra, a basic yoga connects the human brain to the bodily elements, and as a result, life force energy begins to flow.

The five fingers represent the universal basic elements. The thumb signifies fire or Agni, index finger signifies air or Vayu, middle finger signifies sky or Akash, ring finger signifies earth, and finally, the small finger signifies water. All these together are called the “Panchamahabhutas.”

How can the reflexes be triggered?

Some actions like curling can stir the reflexes, touching, pointing different fingers, and pressing the hand.

What does yoga do?

  1. Relaxes the body.
  2. Relieves stress.
  3. Improves concentration.
  4. Stimulates brain.
  5. Strengthens nervous system.
  6. Improves immunity.

Hasta Mudra Yoga

Mudra has been derived from a Sanskrit word which means gestures. This state of hand gestures brings enchantment and contentment to our body and mind. The Hasta Mudra is nothing but the means of communication with the help of various medium like the eyes, body, hands, and fingers.

A minute pressure on the sensitive points triggers multiple healing processes within the body. It channelizes the pranic energy radiated by the Nadis and chakras. The healing aspects of these yoga mudras were first analyzed and discovered by Acharya Keshav Dev Ji Maharaj. He advocated the humanity to heal themselves through these varieties of mudras.

Why should one practice Hasta Mudra Yoga?

Hasta Mudra is based on science and the principle of the Ayurveda. If practiced regularly and properly then it corrects the imbalanced body elements and adjusts the flow of the energy within the body. The effects are very effective and instant and leave behind no side effects. There is no time to practice hasta mudras.

These can be done anytime, and if done for a prolonged period, it helps in the transformation and regeneration of the mind-body principle. Hasta mudras greatly purify the biomagnetic field and shield our body from negative forces by acting as an injection and yogic tranquilizer. It not only cures diseases but also prevents them by improving the immunity of the body towards these ailments.

With hasta mudra yoga, you get healthy in your own hands. Your hands would transform into therapeutic hands. Isn’t that great? When you feel like it is the time to bring changes in your life, but you do not seem to find a way, simply opt for mudras. They will make your life awesome.