Set Free The Dynamic Latent Of The Body Mind Energy Circuit


The humans have as many as 100,000 nerves in their hand. Every fingertip has more than three thousand nerve receptors. Moreover, every part of the human hand is linked with various parts of the brain. When pressure is applied regarding Hasta Mudra, these pressure points get activated.

This leads to be many changes in the patterns of the brain, and the unbridles the hidden potential of the body-mind-energy circuit. Our physical body is made up of five elements from the universe. They are namely Fire, Air, Sky, Earth, and water. Hasta mudra, a basic yoga connects the human brain to the bodily elements, and as a result, life force energy begins to flow.

The five fingers represent the universal basic elements. The thumb signifies fire or Agni, index finger signifies air or Vayu, middle finger signifies sky or Akash, ring finger signifies earth, and finally, the small finger signifies water. All these together are called the “Panchamahabhutas.”

How can the reflexes be triggered?

Some actions like curling can stir the reflexes, touching, pointing different fingers, and pressing the hand.

What does yoga do?

  1. Relaxes the body.
  2. Relieves stress.
  3. Improves concentration.
  4. Stimulates brain.
  5. Strengthens nervous system.
  6. Improves immunity.

Hasta Mudra Yoga

Mudra has been derived from a Sanskrit word which means gestures. This state of hand gestures brings enchantment and contentment to our body and mind. The Hasta Mudra is nothing but the means of communication with the help of various medium like the eyes, body, hands, and fingers.

A minute pressure on the sensitive points triggers multiple healing processes within the body. It channelizes the pranic energy radiated by the Nadis and chakras. The healing aspects of these yoga mudras were first analyzed and discovered by Acharya Keshav Dev Ji Maharaj. He advocated the humanity to heal themselves through these varieties of mudras.

Why should one practice Hasta Mudra Yoga?

Hasta Mudra is based on science and the principle of the Ayurveda. If practiced regularly and properly then it corrects the imbalanced body elements and adjusts the flow of the energy within the body. The effects are very effective and instant and leave behind no side effects. There is no time to practice hasta mudras.

These can be done anytime, and if done for a prolonged period, it helps in the transformation and regeneration of the mind-body principle. Hasta mudras greatly purify the biomagnetic field and shield our body from negative forces by acting as an injection and yogic tranquilizer. It not only cures diseases but also prevents them by improving the immunity of the body towards these ailments.

With hasta mudra yoga, you get healthy in your own hands. Your hands would transform into therapeutic hands. Isn’t that great? When you feel like it is the time to bring changes in your life, but you do not seem to find a way, simply opt for mudras. They will make your life awesome.



Role Of Yoga In Everyday Life

Role of Yoga

Every human wishes to live in harmony and a good environment. But this condition is not fulfilled every time as in this world full of technologies; it is seen that most of the time emotional as well as physical demands are placed in many areas. It is seen that due to the busy schedule, more and more people usually suffer from physical as well as mental tension.

The common types of mental conditions that people suffer are insomnia, anxiety as well as an imbalance in the physical activity and proper exercise. When it comes to give peace to your mind and to relax your impatient soul, yoga is the perfect treatment for all. Yoga is done in such a way that it helps in getting spiritual harmony along with physical and mental condition and improve health. It helps an individual to attain its eternal bliss most beautifully.

In this modern world which is full of the hustle and bustle, it is very difficult to lead a comfortable life. In this type of situation, yoga brings some kind of peace to mind, soul, and body. For these things, it is said that yoga plays an important role in everyday life. Yoga has got many types of capability for you to make you attain peace and to give some good value to your life. Some of the things which one can get by yoga only are mentioned below.

Improves concentration

Yoga helps in improving IQ and memory. It is seen that as the technologies constantly surround us, it gradually affects our mental conditions. Our mind gets constantly disturbed, and as a result, they get disturbed. So when anyone performs yoga, it gives peace to the mind. It also helps in improving the concentration power of mind also.

Improves strength

When anyone does yoga, it helps in gaining the strength of your body. In this hustle and bustle life, yoga is recommended to everyone. It is seen that when anyone goes for the yoga, then it helps in strengthening the body and also helps the body to get back to shape.

Improves posture of the body

When anyone does yoga, then it is said that it helps the body with improved flexible body. It usually prevents the joint pains or back pain, and hamstring flattens. All these problems in the body occur due to the improper posture of the body.

Improves social health

Social health is said to be a condition in which one gets happy with yourself along with making others happy. By doing yoga, it helps in improving the contact as well as communication gap with others. It makes one responsible for taking responsibility for a community or society.

When anyone goes for the yoga or performs yoga regularly, then it helps us to live a life in a more better and in a peaceful environment. This helps hugely as it takes one tension and stress away from the body and helps us to have a life of no worries and negative thoughts in mind.

Top 3 Tips To Balance Your Life With Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

There are not any one of us who would not get benefited from yoga and meditation. Our lifestyle has been changed drastically, and this has also started showing its effect from our health. If you can dedicate 20 minutes every day for yoga and meditation, that will dramatically bring changes to your life regarding peace and positivity. The time has come to start, ramp up and recommit the meditation and yogic habits.

When can Yoga help you?

  1. You get exhausted very often

Modern human beings usually complain that they get tired very soon. Even if the metrics are to be considered more than 18,100 times people in the USA have googled “tired all the time.” This truly describes how people have been dogged by fatigue. This tiresome nature of ours is because of our over-demanding lifestyle. When you start practicing yoga on a daily basis, you will truly start feeling the difference. A quick session will relax your body and help you focus and embrace mindfulness. Yoga acts as an energy booster and makes us feel awesome throughout the day.

  1. You run out of time

As they say, time and tide wait for none, in this competitive world time is the most precious entity. The whims of the clock now rule our life and decide our future too. You choose to sacrifice time over money and squeeze everything else in whatever time you get. This results in a feeling, that you do not have time for anything and generally run out of time. Among all these rush, you tend to forget what is important.

Yoga can’t stop the clock or make its speed slower, but it can reduce the pace of life a little in our perception. Practicing yoga daily provides us with a sense of calm and balance our life. It tremendously increases our focus, leaving time for everything. It helps to improve the overall productivity and drives our work life with more accuracy and speed. You get time to enjoy your life.

  1. You are more stressed

Stress has become one of the inseparable parts of the life these days. People remain stressed all the time. Working under stress and tiredness can be awful. Life would be less enjoyable under chronic stress. Stress tends to engrave us because of the meaningless list of chores and worries. You can greatly be far away from stress by meditating. Practicing daily can better your health and mental well being.

To understand the greater and deeper truths of life, meditation and yoga are the best keys. They will help us in rising above tenacious worries and day to day frustrations. Many alternate healers, advice to take time every day for yoga. This has many advantages and you can feel the difference with just one session.

Some of the benefits that you get are as follows:

  1. Muscle strength is greatly increased.
  2. Cardio and circulatory health remains good.
  3. Improves steady metabolism rate and athletic performance.